We believe strongly that God calls us to participate in the renewal of all things. Furthermore, we are convicted that we have a responsibility to participate significantly in the renewal of our neighborhood. For this reason, Hope Church strategically partners with religious and nonreligious initiatives to work for the flourishing of our Roosevelt Island and the surrounding communities. 

Organizations we partner with include:

Roosevelt Island Center for Community Development (RICCD)

We partner with RICCD to foster holistic community development on Roosevelt Island in everything from recreation, to the arts. Here's a look at some of the projects we've helped with:

Roosevelt Island English Course


Roosevelt Island sits just east of the United Nations building, making it home to the nations. With so many first generation immigrants in need of learning the english language, the Roosevelt Island Center of Community Development offers free conversational english courses with kid care included. Classes like these quickly help move our new neighbors away from isolation towards both community and opportunity for advancement in multiple areas of life.

For Whom: Women living on Roosevelt Island

Where & When: Wednesdays 10-11:30am at 40 River Road

To register for english courses as a participant or to join our volunteer teams as an english teacher or kids coordinator email Amanda@RICCD.org.

Roosevelt Island kids


Roosevelt Island is home to youth from all over the globe.  Many are here for the long-term, yet many will leave to go back to their countries of origin within a few short years. This means we have been given the opportunity to impact and influence the culture of families, businesses, and countries all around the world, by simply focusing on developing our youth right here on the Island.  From teaching principles like “beginning with the end in mind”, the importance of cultural agility, to the laws of good communication, it is our aim to come alongside schools and families to help develop high character and high capacity leaders out of our island's youth.

To register a child or to volunteer as one of our leadership coaches email Dan@RICCD.org

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