Church As Family

We believe that Jesus left His family to create family for those that don’t have family.

Our missional communities are groups of 10 - 25 people who are learning to live as an extended family that exists to serve specific people in our neighborhood. Our hope is that each missional community would grow in relationship with one another, grow in relationship with God, and consistently reach out into the community, serving people with both humility and tact. Our missional communities meet for a meal and to learn together every week.

Our Communities

Our vision is to someday soon see a community of people living as extended family in every building on Roosevelt Island. The following buildings have communities gathering in them already.

Current Groups:

  • Central Island (Thursdays)

  • Upper East side (Fall 2017)

  • 30 River Rd (Wednesdays)

  • Southtown (Wednesdays) 

  • Do For One 

  • Families (gathers monthly)

  • English Language Conversational Community (Fridays)